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Psychology of Place

Acts of Kindness are Good for the Soul

Dr. Robi Ludwig in this article says that generosity is one of the most important ways to achieve human happiness. When we give to others out of kindness, we create an emotional bond with the person that is the receiver of the gift. Generosity is more that just giving material objects, it is about spreading goodwill to others. Even a small smile or kind words given to another person can create a chain effect of positivity. There are feelings of bliss in both the giver and the receiver.

Why does being generous feel good to people? According to the recent research by Paul Zak, founder of Claremont Graduate University Center for Neuroeconomics, giving actually comes from the brain. There's a part of the brain called the subgenual cortex that makes people feel good when they are doing something positive. The brain reacts to certain charitable or philanthropic behaviors by releasing the feel-good chemical called dopamine into our bodies. There is a scientific reason behind why being generous feels good.

There is also an emotional component behind why giving feels good. Dr. Robi Ludwig mentioned earlier in the article that generosity creates an emotional bond between both the giver and the receiver. This bond also helps to create a better sense of self-esteem. It also helps to develop purpose and meaning in our lives. This gives us an evolutionary advantage of strengthening our human bonds, which biologically helps us to survive in a group. As human beings we are biologically programmed and biochemically rewarded to give.

Dr. Robi Ludwig says that giving is contagious and can help lower our stress levels. Make sure to take the time to give to others because it will help to shape an individual spiritually, emotionally, and physically.