Psychology of Place

Psychology of Place


Allergy Relief Program

It has been shown that immune responses, including allergic reactions, may be regulated by learned psychological influences. The founder of this technique, Robert Dilts, noted that a physician named MacKenzie (1886) was treating a woman who had a violent allergic reaction to roses. MacKenzie happened to have an artificial rose in his office. Amazingly, she displayed this strong reaction to the rose upon first seeing it, unaware that it was counterfeit.

This shows how our mind's expectations and its portrayals can influence both our immune system and our autonomic nervous system, even when animated by an outside cue.

NLP sees the immune system as the physical equivalent to our self-concept. Often allergies related to asthma reflect stressful conditions. NLP helps people gain new perspectives on these conditions by teaching them how to let go of harmful reactions successfully. By releasing limiting behavior pattern, a person can then recoup a balanced sense of well being.


• Release allergies
• Strengthen your immune system
• Save time and effort that used to go into planning around allergies
• Live with wellness rather than the fear of allergies
• Improve your self-concept

Centered Golf

Centered Golf is a program designed specifically for golfers of all skill levels. Substantially improve your game by learning positive thinking and physical fitness exercises tailored for golf from the self defence styles of Aikido and Tai Chi. These easy-to-do exercises build you up as a golfer while improving your overall balance, health and fitness.

Often when people pickup a golf club, they forget movement basics and whale away at the ball. Aikido and Tai Chi movements allow your muscles to be more relaxed and reveal how your body works best without stress or tension.

Centered Golf helps you to...

• Improve your balance & power
• Quiet your mind & Up-grade your mental game
• Increase your relaxation, flexibility and range of motion
• Refine your touch for putting and the short game
• Enhance your enjoyment and appreciation of the game

MindBody Coordination

In golf, each side of the body is asked to do different tasks. By applying martial arts that emphasize balance and ease you learn how to address each shot with a renewed sense of calm and relaxation.

The better you can maintain your balance during the high-speed movement of the downswing, the better your golf. Balance also helps by providing elasticity to your muscles. While overall strength is an asset, the key is to turn strength into speed while staying in balance. Tiger Woods has practiced Tai Chi exercises since he was four years old. And martial arts are increasingly being used by both men (Phil Mickelson) and women (Annika Sorenstam) to straighten out their game.

Whatever degree of golf accomplishment you have, Tai Chi and Aikido exercises can help improve your balance and power. This approach promotes a healthy integration of all parts – body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Centered Conditional

This Centered Conditioning Class is designed for anyone who wishes to focus on improving their mind body coordination, conditioning and balance. The exercises and principles in this class are primarily derived from three Asian self defense systems: Aikido, Tai Chi and Pa Kua.

Conditioning is your body’s ability to recover safely from fatigue after high intensity physical effort and exercise. Improving your conditioning allows you to gain strength, improve your agility and promote wellness. Rather than drain energy, students will find many of the class exercises invigorating and supportive.

Class Benefits

• Increase mindbody coordination
• Build up balance
• Gain conditioning & strength through relaxation
• Improve focusing skills
• Expand “active” relaxation skills

Classes will blend the following elements:

• Ki Meditations – focus on combining balance, breath and calmness
• Ki Exercises for Health – stretching, Aikido rolling and posture (Ki) testing
• Partner Exercises – promote inter-personal communication and balance
• Chi Kung Exercises – promote structural alignment and whole-brain thinking
• Japanese Bokken (wooden sword) and Jo (short staff) – conditioning
• Pa Kua Movements – taught in ancient China along with Tai Chi. This internal martial art enhances circular balance.