Psychology of Place

Psychology of Place

Psychology office design

Interior Design Consultations

Would you like your surroundings to:

• Reflect your essential needs, values and inspirations
• Improve your efficiency
• Enhance your quality of life
• Help you feel better in your home and office spaces

With Insightful Design Consultations, your space can transform from uninspiring or soul-less into a healthy home filled with your highest aspirations. This is interior design with your heart's intention as the architect. Whether you are thinking of a renovation or building new, an Insightful Design Consultation can create a solid foundation for your home design. Our team uses many resources from eco-friendly materials to feng shui principles to help you discover your best design.

Initial Consultations include...

• Overview and analysis of location
• Site Assessment according to Feng Shui
• Free copy of our book Your Way Home
• Historical review of your location
• Discussion of your goals
• Layout of improved arrangements and/or appropriate materials selection

Commercial consultations available also.

Practical solutions for your specific needs

Our Team Insightful Designs can be enjoyed in health spas and salons, corporate and medical offices, restaurants, retail stores and in private homes throughout the US.

Consultations can be done either onsite or we can work long distance via fax, email and phone.

Along the design process, questions and choices usually arise which need further discussion and planning. With the Insightful Design Package, Our Team can help you throughout your project.

Feng Shui - Asheville NC and Beyond

Feng Shui begins with the awareness of how our surroundings affect our lives. When its principles are utilized, a space quickly feels more comfortable and inspiring to those who live or work in it. This design approach is recognized as the leading "Environmental science of the 21st Century." Its principles are ancient, while its practice is extremely applicable to our contemporary world. With centuries of refinement, the art of Feng Shui continues to inspire a healthy sense of place and sense of self. The Psychology of Place approach to Feng Shui encompasses our relationship to how we feel about our surroundings. We offer Feng Shui consultations in Asheville and beyond.

Feng Shui, (pronounced Fung shway) literally meaning wind and water, is based upon the study of nature's continuous changes. In this light, a Feng Shui consultation can assist you in many of Life's transitions such as relocating, starting a new career, newly wed, empty nesting, or divorce to name a few. You can create surroundings with Feng Shui that are congruent with who you are now.

With a history of several thousand years, Feng Shui has experienced many permutations and continues to do so as it becomes more utilized in the Western world. As a result, there are many schools and approaches to this artful science. The Form School focuses on the shaping of the landscape and its influence. The Compass School uses the distinct and specific guide of a Lo Pan, a very sophisticated compass. Birth dates of the occupants are taken into consideration when using the compass to determine the best arrangements.

A world-renown teacher, H.H. Grandmaster Lin Yun, introduced another form to the West decades ago. In this more contemporary form, Professor Lin Yun utilizes the wisdom from the traditional forms and adapts them to be more accessible to Western application. He honors all traditions of Feng Shui and emphasizes that people need to determine for themselves which form of Feng Shui works best for them. His approach is based on a very spiritual understanding that as we cultivate harmony within ourselves, we can cultivate it within our surroundings. This is the approach we take also.

With this in mind, the main focus of our consultations, workshops and trainings is to give you the opportunity to discover what is most meaningful to you and how you can cultivate this more and more in your own life.

As you know Asheville, North Carolina has a unique character all it own. Established in 1883, it has grown from a small pioneering town into an artful community where locals and visitors spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors.

I know this sounds like a commercial, but whether visitors or locals realize it, the main attraction of Asheville actually has a lot to do with its Feng Shui placement. The Blue Ridge mountains gracefully embrace the city around its north, west and eastern sides. To the south the mountains open up and give way to the two main water sources, the French Broad and Swanannoa Rivers.

This is a perfect Feng Shui layout as it protects the city from the harsh north and west weather, while allowing warming breezes to rise up from the south. This results in a pleasant climate year-round which, coupled with Asheville’s beautiful natural surroundings, has attracted admirers for generations.

A major factor in a Feng Shui assessment is to determine if the 5 Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal) are present and balanced within a given location. The elements are analyzed for deficiency and/or excess. Looking deeper into the Feng Shui of Asheville, the wonderful balance of the 5 elements becomes obvious.

The triangular shape of mountains display the Fire element and their solidness expresses Earth. However, because of the mountains’ gentle shape, the fire quality is more like a soft flame reaching up. In contrast, imagine how different the Sierra Nevada Mountains are where dramatic peaks resemble a blazing fire.

The Water element is obvious in the local rivers and curving roadways which meander around the mountains. The Wood element is abundantly present in the tremendous variety of vegetation – the most bio-diverse area in the world! The Metal element shines through the creativity of the locals. There is a buzz around Asheville that continues to inspire artists, writers, musicians and those who admire the arts.

From a Feng Shui perspective, this balanced blend of elements establishes a supportive and healing foundation that continues to lure people into Asheville’s embrace. Ask anyone who has moved here why they selected Asheville and most will reply, “I was just drawn here.”

Green Interiors
Looking for an environment that feels good and is ecological?

Awareness of non-toxic building materials is changing the face of interior design around the world. With the demand for more user-friendly materials and healthy homes, the building industry is offering more choices for those who want an eco-conscious surrounding. From low VOC paints to insulation made from recycled blue jean fiber, it is becoming more possible to have a home that feels more natural. Whether you are building or doing a renovation, we can help you select furnishings and materials to create a green environment for you and your family. Make your home and office, eco-chic.

* User-friendly materials
* Ecologically safer
* Can benefit your resale
* Non-toxic to consumers and planet
* Using renewable resources

Using The Right Light
With all the choices for lighting out there, it can get confusing as to what to select. The good news is that with the increased awareness of green design and being eco-friendly, the lighting industry has introduced a variety of CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs. The difference in these bulbs is the temperature at which the bulbs operate [measured in Kelvin (K)]. Each temperature gives off a different color of light.
By knowing about the 4 colors of light, you can create any desired ambiance in your interior design.

Warm Light: great for relaxation and entertaining. People look best under warm light. Ideal for living and dining rooms and accent in kitchens. Look for CFL bulbs that are 2700-3000K

Neutral Light: this is a perfect balance between warm and cool light. Great for closets as they show the truest color…so you can be sure your outfits match well. CLF 3500K

Cool Light: great for areas where tasks are done, such as kitchens and offices. CLF 4100K

Daylight: this is an even higher temperature bulb than the cool bulbs so they give the biggest visual separation of objects. Great in utility rooms, garages or hobby studios. CLF 5000K

By using the color of light that reflects the ambiance you want in a space, you will enhance your psychology of place tremendously. Let the light color match the room usage.

On the same topic of choosing the right color last week, I participated in a focus group that was designed to learn more about the value of “greening small businesses”. The discussion was organized by the SBTDC (Small Business and Technology Development Center) in Asheville, North Carolina and brought together small business owners interested in making their organizations more sustainable and eco-friendly.

As an Interior Designer who specifies many “green” products and finishes to my clients, I was inspired to see small business owners wanting to improve their company standards by including environmentally conscious choices. The fact that it’s becoming economically alluring to do this shows that the tide is finally shifting. The bottom line seems to be turning green. Being green can actually help you make green. And I guess that is why 85% of the companies in the US are embracing the greening movement.

They are answering questions like these:
• What does sustainably mean to you and your business?
• What green choices are you already making in your businesses?
• What would you like to learn to make your businesses more green?
• What values are important to you and your business?

What would your answers be?

To learn more about creating inspiring spaces with Eco-Design and Feng Shui in Asheville and beyond please give us a call, email, or use our contact page at the top of the website.

Room Design Shuffle
Do you have a room that has been taken over by too much stuff and you want to do some clutter clearing? Are you just uninspired by your space? Ready for a change, but not a major renovation?

Room Design Shuffle is guaranteed to make transforming your space easy, affordable and enjoyable. Create a fresh new interior design using what you have.

• Define what you really want in your environment
• Bring your spaces up to speed with who you have become
• Simplify your surroundings
• Use what you have and love
• One-day turnaround, usually - depending upon project size
• Most affordable way to get a NEW room
• Redign Guaranteed
• Let out your Design Diva from within
• Have A LOT of fun transforming your space
• Gain a deeper confidence in establishing positive change within yourself and your environment
• Learn about the CHI DYNAMICS of your place

We use what you have and love and do it all in one day

In short, a fine design answers a need while inspiring your soul and engaging all the senses. It feels as good as it looks.

Creating this intertwining balance between form and function is what keeps designers looking ahead around the next corner and seeking the next wave of design. It is constantly changing and adjusting to the present day influences. But it is also grounded in understanding the past and what has been.

We, as a worldwide-internet- connected-culture are riding a huge and dynamic wave. And as we move forward, what will serve as good design in our lives?

Something that consistently comes up with our clients is the desire for spaces that nurture and inspire. With the many challenges that each of us face in our daily lives, it seems that it’s even more important that our homes are a retreat from the stresses of the outside world. There is a growing population of people who are looking for surroundings that speak to their essential nature….that have a deeper meaning than just basic shelter. This movement toward more thoughtful design is the basis of a healthy psychology of place.

Here are three questions that can give you insight about how your surroundings are affecting you:

1. When I first walk into my home, what feeling do I have usually?
2. What room do I find myself wanting to spend the most time in?
3. What is it about this room that is appealing to me?

Now that you are aware of this information, can you imagine incorporating some of the appealing aspects from your favorite area into other areas of your home?