Psychology of Place

Psychology of Place

Couples Getting Along While Starting A Home

With the Holidays just around the bend, we thought it would be a good idea to give you some personal tools and positive strategies to think about. The Psychology of Place has a lot to do with knowing yourself well enough to sense where you want to fit in. The Holidays sometimes get complicated as we seek to see the people we love and admire. Yet we have to stay in a good place in order to share our best qualities with others. So how do you make all these things work for yourself, your family and others involved?

I know in my family it's extremely difficult but I have learned over the years and with the proper techniques to handle these occasions. The truth is some family members are more difficult than others. If you been to a few you understand the dynamics of certain family members so you can even avoid them if needed (if they argue or fight a lot). I'm blessed in so many ways with my family, however, no family is perfect and everyone has a member who just doesn't get along for some reason.

Best to start with an example: You probably know that if you visit a certain someone’s house, you may end up feeling obligated to stay longer than you desire. If you stay against your wishes, you tend to create physical stress and negative emotions. The Psychology of Place, grounded in NLP, has a few suggestions for you that could allow the whole experience work out perfectly well. Here’s how:

Since you already know what you want and approximately how long you want to be in a given location, state your ideal or highest outcome to your hosts before, or shortly after, you arrive. If you want to preserve some time to do other things, let them know that you have plans later on that day and need to leave their place by X o’clock. Then you’ll be able to arrive at your new destination in plenty of time. That way, you subtly ask for their support in helping you leave their place on time. During your visit, be sure to mention that you’re enjoying yourself and wish you could stay longer. But you have another appointment or other plans, and soon must be going.

This approach to keeping yourself in places that are surrounded by things and people you love, comes from an NLP technique designed to help you reach your goal or Highest Outcome. Simply choose the place you most want to be and know about how long you want to be there. Be sure to tell those involved in your plans so that you don’t surprise them with an abrupt exit, which could compromise good feelings. Be up front about your plans and timing. This is going to serve you well during your Holiday travels and visits. Just stay up-beat, enjoy yourself and move on when the time comes.

I hope a few of these tips will help you or your family in the future. If you'd like to discuss in more detail give us a call or via email to setup an appointment.