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Psychology of Place

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Our team of experts have many years of experience. Not only are we fully educated in this field we have worked with hundreds of individuals and families. We've written up many articles to help with your psychology needs. We try to make them as educational as possible to solve your problems and/or simply to research additional information.

Whether you're looking to improve yourself or your surroundings, we'll do our best to provide that information to you. The great thing about psychology that I have found is how it can change your life. You can alter behavior potential and that is important for self improvement. Of course, these are educational articles and you'll get the best results by seeing a professional.

Working with a professional will guide you on each technique and help you analyze the situation better. Just understanding your issue fully can be all the difference in changes. They help give the problem or change a fully perspective thus making it easier to emplement a technique or just make a better change in their own life naturally.

Skillful Decisions
Skillful Decisions Consulting begins by clarifying your values and beliefs, which are the cornerstone of all sound decisions. This remarkable process helps you discover what is most important to you in your life right now. Using a psychological approach called NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming),

NLP Insightful Solutions for the Mind Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a branch of psychology founded in the 1970s by a linguist (John Grinder) and an information scientist (Richard Bandler)....

TRAUMA & PHOBIA RELEASE Most people would gladly give up their fears, phobias and other traumatic memories if there existed a convenient means of this specific stress management. Richard Bandler, one of the founders of Neuro Linguistic Programming, developed such a technique, called the "NLP Trauma and Phobia Release."

Couples Getting Along While Starting A Home
The Psychology of Place has a lot to do with knowing yourself well enough to sense where you want to fit in. Here are some personal tools and positive strategies to think about for the Holidays at home.

Getting Personal With Hurrican Katrina (Personal Post)
A short personal post about us and our experience when Hurrican Katrina hit us. We hit rock bottom and were heavily damaged but we recovered and are so blessed.

Time with Dr. Robi Ludwig in New york
One of my favorite leaders in the psychology space is Dr. Robi Ludwig. She has done so much for the industry. Not only with helping others but also creating awareness in accepting help if needed. I talk about her, our business, and making changes in your life in general.

Acts of kindness good for the soul by Robi Ludwig
Recently there was an interview and article featuring Dr. Robi Ludwig at the Huffington Post where she discusses kindness and how it's good for the soul. All her articles are really good on there and worth a read. Above is the summary on Psychology Of Place.