Psychology of Place

Psychology of Place

Skillful Decisions

Skillful Decisions Consulting begins by clarifying your values and beliefs, which are the cornerstone of all sound decisions. This remarkable process helps you discover what is most important to you in your life right now. Using a psychological approach called NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), you learn the keys to your emotional intelligence, promote wellness and make more clear decisions. By aligning positive thoughts, words and actions, you recognize decision strategies that work best for you. This opens up your unique path to leadership development, increased opportunity and insight.

The thousands of decisions we make each day are the keys to our success. Curiously, we often do not recognize how we make decisions, but default to strategies learned in the past. These can be based on personal tensions, unclear standards and mistaken priorities. Such approaches can lead to difficulties that cost you stress, time and money.

Updating Your Approach

Even experienced people want to know more about how to make skillful decisions. Discover the advanced strategies and trade secrets of world-class decision makers. This approach was developed from the remarkable work of pioneers in the field of Neuro-Linguistics. These skills help you find the best way to make decisions based upon your personal resources. You do not need any prior training to excel in developing this new approach. This whole program is presented as a unified concept and excels in its ability to transfer knowledge to you.


• Feel relief from stress and indecision
• Uncover personal resources
• Learn how to improve your decision-making
• Develop clear outcomes and an array of strategies for realizing them
• Up-grade your emotional intelligence
• Discover the communication and negotiation benefits of positive language

Balanced Leadership & Team Building

Skillful Decisions training begins with setting up a trusting environment where people can investigate their strengths, resolve weakness and discover interactive skills to inspire each other. Teams learn to accelerate their ability to process information, negotiate effectively and support one another. Team members define roles and responsibilities in ways that enhance performance and enrich their current lifestyle. We also facilitate meetings to help teams focus, gain a strong sense of direction and attain goals.

Personal Business Coaching

Working to improve yourself has its benefits and challenges. Getting valuable coaching can help you overcome obstacles and accelerate your success. By building on personal capabilities, you learn to improve vital aspects of your performance the easy way. What makes this approach unique from most coaching is the quick and enduring results gained from meaningful creative insights. In these sessions, you learn to become more receptive, secure significant changes and attain your highest outcomes.

Executive & Team Consulting

This program is for business owners and executives who want to gain practical skills for improving situational tensions, defining performance standards and achieving system-wide improvements. Such private consulting is your sounding-board for aligning your business strategies and outcomes with your Core values.