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Time With Dr. Robi Ludwig

Understand human nature and sometime the addictions that go along with that can be difficult. One of my favorite practitioners in this field is Dr. Robi Ludwig. You probably have seen her on TV or read one of her books like the book entitled Till Death Do Us Part which was published in 2006. In the book she provides detailed views of killer spouses. As you know, this is related to my field of psychology so for me it was an amazing read. You can tell she is an a very good writer and reporter. Before I talk more about my views on psychology, let me just she has worked hard to be where she is in the industry. Her education, TV appearances, and news reporting is well documented. She is grounded being married with 2 children and lives in a popular area in New York. Ludwig also has a office where she helps customers in person. Out of everyone who practices in the psychology space I would say she has probably done the most to excel the industry. Her platform of appearances on TV shows and news agencies like Fox News or MSNBC has help people deal and examine their issues from a difference perspective. She started appearing more and more in the media back in 1997 if I remember correctly.

Correcting behavior is difficult and having an expert on her side is the most important element. We do this professionally everyday and the reality of getting help is a major step. Just accepting that we are pros and accepting this can be all the difference in their life changing adventure. Then you have the whole issue of making changes stick long term. A lot clients find success in the short term in changing their behaviors, however, fall back in their ways. Long term success is a struggle and you really need the support of a professional by your side to get you there. That can be hard to accept after treatment or by understanding the issue. They start to think they have it figured out (and it works for awhile) but we are creatures of habit and need to work at this lifestyle from a long term perspective. The underlining issues of changing behavior is really complex. In the industry, we have Change Models which help lead us to our goals and explain the issue in great detail but implementing is a challenge and that's why professionals like Robi Ludwig or our team have been a big success.

I have followed the work of Ludwig for many years now. Her IMDB profile of appearances in movies and shows is something to aspire too. She regularly contributes to her YouTube Channel, Huffington Post, and LinkedIn page. Recently she became a contributor of Bella Magazine and was appointed to be on their advisory medical board. In my opinion, that is a major step of the industry and I hope it draws more attention to how serious psychology and psychotherapist are to helping the public manage and correct behavior if they wish to make that new step and accept change in their lives.

Let me conclude this article that I haven't met her in person but I have always been one of her biggest fans. Anyone who can push this industry forward in a positive way in a professional manner is someone I can appreciate and respect. Lastly, she does a lot of volunteer work in her free time. She has raised money for Go Red For Women organization with her Jewelry line (Vise Mari). Being a voice and speaker for them on TV to help with their fundraisers. Arts & Culture are passionate things to her as well as education and health.

My goals and passions are helping others. I have the skills and know how to make changes that impact people's lives. It's one of the reasons I got into the business and why I love helping others with their own journey of change. It comes down to hard work, dedication and a willingness to accept it, however. I'm here to help you. I want to see you succeed and push pass any health of hang-ups with maybe impacting you. My office is located in Asheville, North Caroline and my rates affordable. Let's take a moment to discuss your situation in safe environment. You can be assured that my services are completely confidential and by the book which is the most effective. I use the industry standard models and charts to enhance health or mental psychology changes.

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