Psychology of Place

Psychology of Place

Trauma Phobia Release

Most people would gladly give up their fears, phobias and other traumatic memories if there existed a convenient means of this specific stress management.

Richard Bandler, one of the founders of Neuro Linguistic Programming, developed such a technique, called the "NLP Trauma and Phobia Release." This technique removes the energy-sucking fears that have often blocked the person's growth for years. Another benefit is that people no longer have to worry how to plan their lives around their traumas or phobias. Once these conditions are removed, people naturally return to a positive mental attitude, use their innate emotional intelligence and enjoy life again.

Remember how quickly you learned to stay away from a hot stove? It probably took only one time before you learned exactly what ‘hot’ meant. This is called "single trial learning” in psychology. While this is helpful for rapid learning, it can also be limiting.

For instance, common phobias like fears of public speaking, flying, swimming, heights, and certain creatures are good examples of single trial learning. Some people even have the ability to switch quickly from one phobia to another – a response that verifies how fast we humans can learn. Fears, anxieties, phobias, and traumas impart a great strain on our kidneys and adrenal glands, if we do not release them properly. While modern medicine has developed drugs to ameliorate anxiety symptoms, they do not facilitate a mental, emotional and physical release of causes like this approach does.


• Get rid of phobias and traumas
• Strengthen your immune system
• Save time and effort that used to go into planning around negative events
• Live with wellness rather than the fear of another "episode"
• Improve your self-esteem